Sunday, 31 March 2013

Would these book trailers help encourage you to read the books??

Book trailers are now a very important part of 
advertising newly published books.
They are a multimedia production.
Our students are going to explore some of the features 
that make them work or not. 
They will have the opportunity to storyboard and create 
their own book trailer
 on a book that they really really enjoyed.
They will need to explore many elements including, 
sound-sound effects, music, voice overs, images-photos, 
their own drawings, diagrams...maps..charts...
visual effects- long shots, close ups, use of spotlight.....
Viewing,  analysing, comparing and contrasting and 
evaluating created book trailers is a great place to start.
 (critical thinking at its finest!).

 Here are a few book trailers that the students will look at this week.

for fantastic support resources.

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