Thursday, 18 December 2008


Academic Achievement Dane Wicken
Academic Achievement Bree-Anna Edwards
Consistent Effort Yasmine Ruttiman
Citizenship Danny Botham

Academic Achievement Kayla Sylvester
Academic Achievement & Citizenship Emma Cahill
Academic Achievement & Citizenship Cloe Jenkins
Citizenship, Leadership & Academic Achievement Dakota Rees

Academic Achievement Zoe Schmidt
Academic Achievement Masyn Egar
Most Improved Amy Partridge
Citizenship & Consistent Effort Elani White

Academic Achievement Alicia Eggleston
Consistent Effort Jack Stevens
Conscientious Effort Gabrielle Thompson
Outstanding Improvement Kheldar Tanner

Academic Achievement Josh Partridge
Academic Award Zacch Wolfe
Consistent Effort & Application Kate McRae
Citizenship Liam Morrison

Academic & Work Ethic Jamie Durning
Citizenship & Creative Arts Chaise Martin
Academic & Work Ethic Danielle Gear
Consistent Effort Lisa Cremen

Academic Achievement Jacob Wicken
Most Improved Megan Tucker
All Rounder Matt Golsby
Citizenship Lardy Benson

2008 Most prestigious awards

Mrs Moffat announces the girl and boy Sportperson of the Year -Laura F and Rees D .

Mr Rincheval congratulates our 2008 DUX -Kirsten T.
Patrick M-Junior Citizenship

Junior Patrick M
Senior Maggie M

Boy Rees D
Girl Laura F

Jane H

Kirsten T


Our new 2009 councillors being announced in alphabetical order

Congratulations to our new councillors.
We are very excited about your future contributions to the school:


Shay B, Jackson D, Alicia E, Liam M, Melanie H
Dylan S, Darcy McG, Ashley W, Demika M, Zaach W

Congratulations to the following four students who have won the support of students and staff alike:


Girls Captain Melanie H
Boys Captain Liam M
Girls Vice Captain Shay B
Boys Vice Captain Dylan S

2008 Special Awards

Tyler Gould, Jasmine Hill Smith, Kiahni Huthnance,
Mitchell Huthnance,
Dylan Soutar, Aeden Vernon

PUBLIC SPEAKING Jessica Langhorn

RED CROSS Dylan Soutar


Junior Laurence Doolan
Senior Stefanie Presland

Junior Amanda Hyson
Senior Nichola Woolsey


Kindergarten Sasha McNab Stage 1 Lania Morgan
Stage 2 Zamyka Williams Stage 3 Alison Twaits


Congratulations to our distinction awardees:

Rees D, Jamie D, Danielle G, Brooke G,
Jane H, Alana H, Jessica L, Chaise M,
Maggie M, Josh P, Stefanie P, Madison S,
Gemma S, Kirsten T, Alison T, Jacob W.



Outstanding Academic Achievement Sasha McNab
Outstanding Academic Achievement Tyler Murray
Application Isaac Carter
Improvement in All Areas Sarah Langhorn

Outstanding Academic Achievement Tyler Gould
Effort & Achievement Lachlan Bell
Citizenship Matthew Dunn
Consistent Effort Sione Connor

Academic Achievement Paige Sylvester
Creative Expression in Writing & Performing Emmett Street
Citizenship Holly Johnson
Most Improved in All Areas Brodie MacNeil

Academic Excellence Joel Ruttiman
All Round Achievement Kye Wilkinson
Citizenship Tahli Beringer
Consistent Effort Hayden Reeves

Academic Achievement Chloe Allwell
Citizenship Georgia Cross
Outstanding Effort Michael Tucker
Consistent Effort & Achievement Jana Rothacker
Academic Achievement Summer Van Den Boogaard
Academic Achievement Due to Consistent Effort Sarah Dunn
Consistent Effort Dale Barber
Citizenship Kirra Piper

Academic Achievment Finn Rothacker
All Round Achievement Iynka Williams
Citizenship Kelsey Sturch
Caring & Sharing Skyla K

2008 Annual Presentation Day Awards




Jnr Boy Jesse Boogaard Jnr Girl Zoe Schmidt
11 Year Boy Karl Schweikert 11 Year Girl Julie-Anne Templeton
Snr Boy Jacob Wicken Snr Girl Jaclyn Jenkins

Sub Jnr Boy Zenik Svrznjak Sub Jnr Girl Jana Rothacker
Jnr Boy Kye Duncan Jnr Girl Shenae Walters
Snr Boy Liam Morrison Snr Girl Caitlin Valentine

Jnr Boy Kye Duncan Jnr Girl Dakota Rees
11 Year Boy Liam Morrison 11 Year Girl Laura Fowler
Snr Boy Damien Carriage Snr Girl Rebecca Dorsett


AFL Shaun MacDonald Jesse MacDonald

CRICKET Josh Partridge Madeline Valentine

RUGBY LEAGUE Jaydon McPhillips

FOOTBALL Rees Duncan Laura Fowler

NETBALL Josephine Hunter

Monday, 15 December 2008

25 years of the Schools Spectacular:

Schools Spectacular
"The Schools Spectacular, the world's biggest youth variety event: an inspirational performing arts showcase choreographed, costumed and musically performed on an epic scale."
Following this year's dazzling display of public school talent, ABC TV will program 5 broadcasts of performances from 7-26 December to celebrate 25 years of the Schools Spectacular:
Sunday 14 December at 7.30pm
(ABC1) - 90 minutes of the Schools Spectacular 2008.
Sunday 7 & 14 December at 2.30pm - Schools Spectacular: The Best of 25 Years (ABC2) - 2 hours of music/entertainment from the past 25 years, introduced by past performers.
Sunday 21 December at 2.30pm & Friday, 26 December at 7.30pm (ABC2)- The Schools Spectacular 2008 FULL 2.5 HOUR VERSION

Free fun for kids at Coffs Harbour City Library during the holidays

Coffs Harbour City Library Children’s Services News

Storytime will not be held during
the Xmas-New Year break

Tues Jan 6 @ Woolgoolga
Wed Jan 7 @ Coffs Harbour
Thurs Jan 8 @ Toormina

School Holiday Craft “Pets”

Pre-School & Primary School children (following regular storytime)
11.30am – 12.30am
6th, 7th & 8th Jan, 2009

Children’s Summer Reading Club
Register @ the library during December or January

Summer Reading Club Party
Noon, Wed 21 Jan 2009
@ Coffs Harbour Library
Ø Read 10 books during the holidays
Ø Come along to the party to have the chance to win “Lucky Draw” prizes.

Thanks to all library supporters

Sad to say:
“All borrowers- staff, students and parents –TIME’S UP!!”
All books need to be returned to the library for stocktake.
Outstanding books make it very difficult to conduct a thorough stocktake. Please help you children locate any SBPS books. It makes a huge difference to our education budget if we do not have to replace books that are misplaced.
Do not feel embarrassed if books have been at your place for a long time. We are still very happy to have our books back.

A big congratulations to all students in classes: 1J, 2H, 4M, 6LC.
They have NO OVERDUES! Well done!
Thanks parents/carers for your support throughout the year, especially to those who helped by assisting with library duties. Your help was most appreciated.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

SBPS Junior Red Cross toy drive

SBPS Junior Red Cross students wanted to organise a toy drive for needy children.

The toys have been arriving daily and we now have a great collection of toys to be distributed by the Red Cross. Well done all involved!

Bottle top collection time

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Can we make a Christmas tree of bottle tops?

Help SBPS by bringing in all your Norco bottle tops by Monday.
The money raised from the bottle tops helps to provide new resources for SBPS students to enjoy.

Online consultation and feedback system

The National Curriculum Board has developed an online feedback and consultation system so that you give feedback on the Board's curriculum framing papers through completion of a survey or uploading a submission. As the Board releases new papers there will be further opportunities to contribute to feedback online.

If you would like to participate in National Curriculum Development and get updates, please follow the link below:

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Year 6 Cake Stall on Monday

Monday December 8

SBPS Student Council is organising a cake stall at recess this coming Monday.

Year 6 are raising money for their end of year gift to the school.

Cakes will cost either 50c or $1 per item

Year 6 students need to be busy this weekend finding and baking up their favourite, delicious recipes ready to bring them to school on Monday.

Children's Summer Reading Club

Children's Summer Reading Club has started.

Don't miss out! Hurry in!!

Join at the Coffs Harbour City Library from now on.

Take advantage of the local library services wile SBPS library is undertaking stocktake and during the school holidays.

A party to celebrate the end of the Children's Summer Reading Club will be held at noon Wednesday 21 January, 2009.

Remember: Kids who read, succeed!!

Christmas maths game

Christmas Tree Count

Display trees, add or take away; bundles of 5.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Biggest Full Moon of the Year

The full Moon of Dec. 12th was the biggest and brightest full Moon of the year.
It's no illusion. Some full Moons are genuinely larger than others and this Friday's was a whopper.

Mrs. Nay's Internet Library Branch

Return to:
for access to a wide range of links.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Library Stocktake

Library Stocktake happens in Weeks 8,9 and 10.
Please make sure all your books are back in by Thursday of Week 7.

Engineers of the future in the library on bike safety day.

Wow! Our engineers soon had an audience from the lunch time library users. How much higher can they build before it collapses?

Bikes with plenty of sparkle.

For Bike Safety Day our students dressed in bright colourful clothes-to emphasise being easily seen when riding their bikes. Students combined this day by bringing a gold coin donation for children in Vanuatu. The school councillors organised this fundraiser. The students were also invited to decorate their bikes. What a sight they were!!

Bike Safety Course On Our South Oval

Bikes, helmets, markers, road signs, excited kids....Our bike safety day had it all............sadly even rain in the afternoon which meant that our year six classes missed their turn.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Tuesday is Bike Safety Day at school.

Don't forget to bring your bike and helmet to school.

Ask your parents/carer to do a safety check before you bring it to school.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Intensive Swimming starts on Monday

Students involved in the Intensive Swimming Program-
Don't forget your swimming things on Monday.

Check out our 1-2M Science Experiments

Check out the results of our experiments.

Go to our class page on Mrs Nay's Internet Library Branch website for more photos.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Free Christmas Card Craft Day

Primary aged children are invited to Coffs Harbour Library on Saturday December 6 from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon to make Christmas cards. There is no need to book.

Friday, 14 November 2008

New Environment On Its Way

Below is a link to a memorandum that is in the current "In Principal" concerning the replacement of the "Filtered internet browsing service". Some primary schools have already been using the new "environment", the rest of us will be changed on November 24th. This will result in the "Web Filter Check" tool in the portal being moved to a new location within "My Applications"

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Free bus travel at risk!!

Dear All
The State Government has announced plans to charge families up to $180 for school student bus passes.
The previous free scheme will be replaced by annual co-payments of $90 for high school students and $45 for primary school students.
Please follow the link to the petition
Further information can be found in our submission:
Our comments following the recent announcement on Saturday can be found on
Please circulate this amongst your networks – lets get those voices heard
Take part in the petition and write / email / call your local member
Dianne Giblin
Federation of Parents and Citizens' Associations of New South Wales
Dear all
The Petition is at : You may have to cut and paste into your browser.
This is a fast moving issue.
You should also contact your local MP.
Find contact details at

Swimming School

Don't forget to get those swimming notes back to Mr Potter.
We want all year 2 and up Sandy Beach kids to be able to swim.
It is a great exercise and it's so COOL in the pool on the hot summer days!!
Have you brought your note back yet?

Rememberance Day

SBPS will be holding a special assembly tomorrow at 11.00 to remember the fallen.
To remember those who fought for us.
To remember those who were injured or killed in war.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kye Duncan to represent Australia at the Pan Pacific Games

Congratulations to Kye Duncan on his selection to represent Australia as a Public School Sport's Association athlete at the Pan Pacific Games. Over 35 countries will be represented at these games. What an exciting time for all of his family!! We all wish you well.

Sandy Beach Public School held a mufti day to raise money to help Kye meet some of his many financial costs. The staff and students raised over $500.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Mrs Carpenter

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Carpenter on the birth of their baby boy, Ziggy Ben Carpenter.
Born 26 October , 2008.
Weight 8lb 3 oz
I will convert this to kilograms soon.....
Mrs Nay

Grand Final Talent Quest

Congratulations to the
School Council Talent Quest
Grand Final winner
Zamyka Williams

What a great talent!