Friday, 18 September 2015

Are you looking for something worthwhile to do during your holidays?

Do your bit to provide rice to the hungry.

Free Rice - Practice math, geography, grammar, and vocabulary while fighting world hunger at the same time!
What is free rice all about?
Can I make a difference with such a small contribution?
Do the hungry really get rice from my online activities?
VIsit to find out.

Visit your local library either physically or virtually:

Borrow DVDs, books, magazines, music.....

and don't forget to visit Tumblebooks for a great selection of online books to read-for FREE! 
(thanks to Coffs City Library who pay for the subscription)
Try some of these suggestions:

v Play outdoor ball games like soccer, netball, handball, footy, basketball and volleyball.
v Make up a concert and perform it for the family.
v Attend free entertainment at your local Shopping Centres.  
v Visit the library.
v Download an ebook to read.
v Play hopscotch.
v Play the Wii
v Play computer games –including  free rice and help feed the hungry
v Watch a DVD. (borrow one for free from your library)
v Create a nature collage day – use leaves, tree bark, sand or soil to create a picture. The kids can collect all the bits and pieces in a bucket. Create an area outside for them to glue their nature collages together. 
v Play celebrity head.
v Write or make a book about your favourite person or animal..
v Retell your favourite  superhero story
v Visit a second hand shop like Vinnies and buy some dress-ups
v Attend  the free Kids Workshops at Bunnings and create something
v Build a tent out of old sheets
v Play with your lego
v Make movies/videos on the iPad or computer.
v Take photos and print them out.
v Take photos and create a photo collage.
v Visit a beach and collect shells
v Go skating (or scooting)
v Watch a great kids movie at the cinema
v Make road signs and traffic lights from cardboard boxesàPaint the boxes or cover in wrapping paperàCreate a cardboard box city.
v Play musical chairs.
v Be a weed detective- locate all the weeds in your garden and banish them
v Make your own musical instruments
v Try some Science experiments
v Read one of your library books
v Make home made pizzas.
v Blow bubbles.
v Colour in. (very trendy)
v Play board games.
v Make play dough.
v Create an interesting figure with your playdough
v Make wind chimes (from tin cans) or a fruit loop necklace.
v Visit your favourite park.
v Take a walk through Coffs Botanical Gardens
v Go ten pin bowling
v Read a book from Tumblebooks via CHCLibrary Homepage
v Learn a clapping game or two and practice until you are an expert.

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