Sunday, 18 May 2014

Year 4 Out in Space!!

Term 2 Week 3 Our lesson in the Learning Technology iCentre
Year 4 are preparing to complete a co-operative study on one part of our Solar System.
To commence Year 4H students logged on to Reading Eggs and found a book in the e-library that was about Space. They read the book and then answered the quiz, to determine how well they understood what they had just read.
Students then opened the assignment from the Collaboration drive and saved a copy of the assignment into their U drive. Next, they read through the assignment and highlighted the key words to define what was being asked of them.
Studnets then added their names to the document and printed it. Once they collected their sheets they needed to organise them so the first one was on top and then staple it in the top left corner. This proved most tricky for some students!!
To finalise students highlighted their names, so the sheets would be easier to find each week as they use the assignment outline to guide their learning. Last step required them to place their document in the pile so they would be easy to find next week.
Asking the students to highlight key words allowed me to assess the student's ability to locate important information, as well as giving them a chance to carefully read what was being asked of them before diving in.