Sunday, 29 May 2011

Our very first debate was held!!

Sandy Beach Public School hosted a team from Woolgoolga Public School for our very first debate in our new library learning space. 

Saturday, 28 May 2011

We had a most successful celebration of reading on Thursday. 
Thank you to all the parents, friends, staff and students who took part in some way to make our celebration of reading such a success!!
I was able to select just over $2000 worth of books, that the children had suggested, with the commission. These books will be added to our current selection in the library as soon as we can get them processed and ready for reading!!

Our P&C generously donated $500 for board games for classes this week.

What good timing!! BTN showed this program last week about board games:(You can access BTN archives and view past episodes.)
From all the kids and the staff at SBPS I wish to publicly say: Thank you to all the parents who helped to raise the money for the kids to have these games in their classrooms. 
As a parent you might be thinking: "Why play games at school? There is so much learning to do..." but as Kirsty says on the program: "Thinking before you take action is one of many skills these students have learnt. There's also problem solving, developing strategy, using your memory and being a good sport. And it's a good way to improve your social skills."

Have a chat with your kids: What board games would they like to have in their classroom? 
Please feel welcome to share them here on this blog. :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Take a look back at 2009 Bookfair

    2009 Bookfair- Our very last one in the old library!!!

                   2009 Book Character Parade

Saturday, 7 May 2011

At last: Our library learning lounge opens for its first lunchtime!!

Our library learning lounge opens for its first lunchtime at last!!! on PhotoPeach.

We have come a long way since these slideshows: Check out the animoto slideshow of "Our new BER library" and the photopeach of "Our first impressions of our new BER library."

Friday, 6 May 2011

Announcing the 2011 SBPS Bookfair!!!

Our annual Book Fair is coming up on Thursday 26th May.This is a great way to provide more stimulating books for your children to read and a great way to highlight and celebrate the joy of reading!

This year the theme is:
Lights, Camera, BOOKFAIR!
The Scholastic truck will arrive on Friday 20th May so we can set up. This year we will hold the Book Fair in the new BER library. Come along and check it out!
The Book Character Parade and Book Fair sale day will be held on Thursday 26th May.
The Book Fair will be open from 8am-6pm.
We look forward to seeing lots of parents and friends join us on this day for a huge celebration of “reading.” Students can come to school dressed up as any one of their favourite book  characters.
We encourage, where possible, students to bring along a book that displays their character for sharing with visitors and their classmates. It can be a book from home, the public library, Grandma’s or our library...  
Parents and family are welcome to join their children for recess and then a brief book sharing time in the classroom.
The Book Character Parade will commence at 12.15.  Parents and friends are also welcome to join their children for lunch. Our canteen will be catering for this event.                          
After each class presents their book characters in the parade we will do 1 x lucky draw for a “poster pick” from the  Bookfair = 13 lucky winners!!  
Book Fair Program of Events
Thursday 26th May 2011 – parents, family and friends are welcome to join us for:
Morning Tea – 11.15
Class “read in” from 11.40
Book Character Parade commencing at 12.15
Lunch – 1.15
The Library will be open from 8.00am until 6.00pm selling books and we look forward to seeing you on the day. 
Come one, come all!!
Come and check out our new library learning lounge.
Remember the fun of last years bookfair:

and last years book character parade...

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Visit our new LIBRARY tab on our new school website.

Visit our library tab on our Sandy Beach Public School's new website 

LIBRARY    and you will find: 

SBPS Library 4 Lifelong Learningweblinks

-Virtual Library 24/7

This site provides access to weblinks, web tools and e-resources to support
teaching and learning for staff and students, parents and carers
@ Sandy Beach Public School. 

and this weeks news: Check out the  photopeach of: 
Our first impressions of our new BER library on PhotoPeach