Sunday, 30 October 2011

LAST chance to get those Woolies dockets to school.

Collect Earn & Learn Points when you shop.
Thankyou to all the wonderful people who 
helped us collect our points. Many were 
friends and relatives from other areas 
of Australia. Your efforts are appreciated. :)

What can we get for our school? 
We have 3,845 points....
From more than 7,000 educational resources 
which are up for grabs including library books, 
classroom equipment, art & craft materials we 
can get some new gear. It takes many points 
to get the resources.  

Teachers are hoping to get some resources 
that will help our students have more 
opportunities to be creative and artistic by 
being better resourced for art and painting 

It is the very last chance to send in any dockets 
that you still have at home, or email Woolies to
inform them to add your online points to our school,
so they can be included.

Simply email Woolworths Online Customer 
service at shoponline, 
Your nominated school name and suburb today 
with the subject "Earn and Learn with Woolworths."