Sunday, 23 May 2010

Congratulations and good luck to SBPS Cross Country representatives.

District Cross Country Results

The following students will be going on to compete at the
Mid North Coast Cross Country
on 28th May
at Gillwinga Public School, South Grafton.

Congratulations to:

                   8/9 Yrs
Girls                        Boys

Sasha                                       Ashley



                    10 Yrs

Summer                                Riley

                    11 Yrs



                  12/13 Yrs

Dakota                                 Tom

Amy                                     Marual

Friday, 21 May 2010

Our hall is ready- Very REDdy!! BE WELL READ Bookfair begins.

Many thanks to the parents, teachers and students that helped to make the hall look like a very special place to visit.

All of the students will get the opportunity to browse the books before Thursday and make decisions about any they might like to purchase. We also encourage all students from Kinders to Year 6 to make recommendations about the books they would like to have included in their school library collection. It is really important that we include the books in the library that are interesting to our students. Our annual bookfair provides this opportunity.

It was great to hear one students asking for a particular books for his Grandma because it was her birthday soon. I am sure that she would appreciate his thoughtfulness and enjoy a book for her present.

We are allowed 35% of our sales back in commission which allows us to select many, and often most of the books the students recommend. We look forward to your company on Thursday 27 May- Public Education Day.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"Be Well Read" Bookfair.


Our “BE WELL READ” Bookfair is getting closer. The truck full of exciting reads will arrive on Friday 21 May.

After setting up and decorating the hall we will be ready for classes to check out the selection from Monday of the following week.

The book character parade and bookfair sales day will be held on Thursday 27 May. We look forward to seeing lots of parents and friends join us on this day for a huge celebration of “reading.”

Students can dress up as any of their favourite book characters. We encourage them where possible to bring along a book that displays their character for sharing with their visitors and/or their classmates. It can be a book from home, public library, Grandma’s, our library...

After each class parades and share their book characters with us we will do 1 x lucky draw for a “poster pick” from the bookfair = 13 lucky winners!!


We would like to put together a display :
“These are a few of our favourite spots to read....”

We are offering 3x $10 bookfair vouchers for students who bring in a photo of themselves reading in a “special spot.”

I like to read in/ at/under/beside.....anyone of these will be fine. We will draw out three lucky winners and announce them in the newsletter before the bookfair.

EVEN MORE PRIZES- Family Competition

1 x $25, $20,& $15 bookfair vouchers to win

“Share your family’s favourite fun read.”

Create a visual presentation of your book and explain WHY it is so popular for your family. It can be in any format of your choice from dioramas, posters, digital presentation-glogster, powerpoint, paint....

Have fun being creative as a team!!

Our "Be Well Read" Bookfair is all about inspiring and encouraging kids to read widely.

This video may well help too!

BEWARE! It is very catchy!!
I can't get the tune out of my head.

A copy of the lyrics are available.