Thursday, 17 November 2016

Year 5 gather all their photos and memories for creating their collaborative book.

Year 5 students will work together to create an ebook using the app Book Creator.
They will use Microsoft Picture Manager to edit their photos.
Each student will cover one area of their excursion experience.
Students will also and an audio component so the book can be listened to.
Parents, family and friends will be able to read their book when it is finished.
The award winning Book Creator is the no 1 app for the iPad. 
Priced at $7.99 currently it is expensive but it is well worth the cost.
We plan to have this app on all of our iPads at school.

Stay tuned for the finished product.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wow, what a monster of a day!

2016 Book Fair and Book Character Parade

Wow, what a wonderful day! Yesterday was such a special day for everyone at Sandy Beach Public School as we celebrated our Book Fair and Book Character Parade.
Firstly, a big thank you goes to all the parents and caregivers who supported their children with making a monster for our competition, preparing costumes, attending the parade, supporting the sausage sizzle and shopping at the book fair.

  It was fantastic to see how many children entered the ‘Monster’ competition bringing along so many original and creative ideas. It was a very difficult decision to judge the winners as they all deserved to win. Congratulations to all children who entered, and to the winners of this competition.

Our book fair was very successful and we are sure your children will enjoy the purchases they made as they practice the most important skill of reading. 

Due to your support and the commission we received from Scholastic, SBPS can now add lots of new books to our collection. We sold $6047 worth of books earning us $2116 worth of books to choose from Scholastic. Thank you so much to our parent helpers at the book fair. Your efforts were much appreciated.

The book character parade was a huge success once again. There were some fantastic costumes representing many different book characters and Monsters. 

Congratulations to everyone for all your efforts, an outstanding job!

 Please visit the SBPS home page and SBPS Facebook page to see more fabulous photos.

Edwina Reynolds,
                                                      Teacher Librarian.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Kinder explore Messy Mia and the Ancient Tech!

This week in their technology lesson Kinders viewed the ebook "Messy Mia & the tale of ancient tech." via Airserve onto our interactive tv. How things have changed!

 Half of the class then had a turn on an iPad listening & interacting with the story at their own pace, followed by some mini games and the other half had a turn on our computers creating a robot.

Jada's robot