Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Wonky Donkey is a delight!

This book, The Wonky Donkey, is going to be part of our Special Collection section of our new library.

Students who are triple R (RRR) borrowers will be allowed to borrow these books.
(Regular, Responsible, Reliable borrowers.)

To watch a book trailer on The Wonky Donkey go to Scholastic Australia and press the play button on the Wonky Donkey image in the Latest Video section.

To listen to Craig Smith singing his story check out his video- Wonkey Donkey 

There's more:See Craig perform Wonkey Donkey in front of a live audience and a real donkey ...

K1/0 and 5/6I loved this story today. 
 Craig Smith delights and entertains as he shares the story on the CD provided with the book. 
It  really adds that extra dimension to the reading experience.You cannot help but join in as Craig sings the story verse.
Enjoy some of our kids drawings of the Wonky Donkey:
Hee Haw!!

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Monday, 30 August 2010

Friday, 27 August 2010

These were some of our favourite books......What about now?

Photopeach is a very easy tool to use. It has a variety of applications from displaying students work or school events, to create multiple choice quizzes with a timer and the creation of digital stories. 
 View the spiral view below...
These were a few of our favourite books.... on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

We are so lucky to have such a green environment.....

 Juliet Robertson commented in response to Ed's blog post:  10 ways to think about your learning space…
"There is substantial research about the positive impact of having access to greenspace and natural materials. The more “green and blue” in your learning environment, the calmer and less stressed everyone is (Wells & Lekkie, 2000). Adults and children. Have lots of plants in your room (why not grow a forest). Furthermore a PhD student, Kathleen Bagot (2009) from Melbourne has conclusively linked the amount of vegetation in primary school grounds to concentration levels and subsequent impact on attainment levels within schools.

It prompted me to share some of our gorgeous gardens around our school thanks to Pat's dedication and hard work. 


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Zone Athletics- Good luck girls and boys!!

to all the winners at our athletics carnival .

Good luck to the following students who will be going on to represent our school at the
Mid North Coast PSSA Zone Athletics Carnival 
on Friday 20th August.

Jana                                             Riley
Gabi                                             Kye
Lily                                              Josh
Annabelle                                    Ashley
Billee                                           Dane
Summer                                       Byron
Dakota                                         Tom
Billi                                             Jesse
Chloe                                           Logan

40 kilos of lego will be available for bridge building at the library.

 Coffs Harbour City Library 
will be hosting a free bridge building, fun, children's activity to celebrate Story Bridge Book Week.

Check out the details.

Father's Day stall coming up soon...

Our Father’s Day stall will be held on Tuesday 31st August. 
Gifts will cost $5.00
HELP!! Donations (for the hamper raffle) 
and volunteers needed!!
See Help needed for Father's Day stall on our Parents-Partners in teaching and learning blog

What will you buy for your Dad?
Will you do something special for your father this year?

4C share their recently completed, beautiful art works.

Vocab: Word of the day

Word of the day: ZANY
Do you know what it means?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Enjoy some of the Shortlisted Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) books

Click on the title to hear Len read:  The Terrible Plop one of the shortlisted picture book from 2010 CBCA .
You could try to draw your own bear after watching this short video:

How to draw a bear (from The Terrible Plop) from Andy Joyner on Vimeo.

You can visit Mrs B's interactive books to do some activites, including puzzles, based on the 2008, 2009 and 2010 shortlisted picture books, early childhood books, and books for younger readers.