Friday, 14 August 2015

Software available for ALL NSWDEC search students on their personal devices at no cost!

The New South Wales Department of Education & Communities has offered its students the ability to download some key software to support the NSW DEC BYOD policy. 
This software has been made available to all school students. 
This software includes Microsoft Office 2013 and  Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Parents will need to work with their students to download this software. Students need to go through their Student portal.
All of our students (except kinders) can show you how to get to their portal
To get to their student portal at home it would help if they start with the Sandy Beach Public School Home Page. Students then go to the Our Learning Centres tab.

Students can then click on the student portal link and follow the instructions in the video.

Teachers can purchase a Work At Home License  for this software from 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pete, the cat, Rocking in my school shoes.

Both Kinder classes viewed the story, and sang along to the boppy song, "Pete the Cat, Rocking in my school shoes."
 Kinder students then tried to draw Pete using various tools: shapes, fill and lines in the Paint program.
Below are pictures of  a few of the students at work. I thought that they were very creative.
What do you think?


Congratulations readers! Year 3 students busy reading in the library.

 Congratulations to all the students who continued their reading over the holidays!!
Many more Sandy Beach PS students have now completed the 2015 Premier's Reading Challenge including the logging of their books onto the online site.

There are a few weeks left for all students to complete the reading of their 20 books! Good luck.
                                   3W students exploring booksand magazines  in the library
3W students reading quietly and in comfort!
Kids who read, succeed!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Library News-Enjoy your holidays everyone!

At Sandy Beach Public School we value reading and promote regular borrowing to support the literacy development of students.

Each week a book worm is awarded to the class which has the highest percentage of students who have borrowed. A big thank you to Melissa -Mum of Addersen and Savannah, for sewing these gorgeous book worms for our classes to enjoy.

This week we congratulate KG, 4/5C and 5CM for their great efforts in borrowing last week.
It's double borrowing this week so students have plenty to read during the holidays. Please ensure all over-dues are returned.

Book Club
It's coming! Yes, next term we will be offering the opportunity to purchase from Scholastic Book Club. This provides many titles to choose from at reasonable cost without even leaving your home! An update will be published soon.

Monday, 25 May 2015

National Simultaneous Storytime via Storybox

Author Tristan Bancks ready to share his My Life series!

Tristan Bancks will be at Sandy Beach Public School next week.
He will be running workshops for students.

My Life & Other Massive Mistakes book trailer 


A gang of old folks make a daring escape attempt from Kings Bay Nursing Home. Based on 'The Great Escape', a short story from Tristan Bancks's 'My Life & Other Massive Mistakes' - a book of weird-funny-gross short stories for kids, out now (Random House Australia).
Read a free sample, check out the illustrations and discover more at

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Our students really enjoyed viewing the textless video:"Colour your world with kindness."

The only rule in our library learning spaces is

to "Be Kind!"

My goal this week was to reinforce the
importance of this rule.

This week all of our classes viewed the
textless video below at the beginning of their lesson::

Can you work out the message of the video?

Friday, 6 February 2015

Year One have their first learning technologies lesson.

The students were asked to observe any technology items that we have used or they think we might use for learning.
After some sharing they were asked to draw what they had discovered.
Year One discover many learning technologies on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Techno Kids in the Turtle room at lunchtime

Many kids from all classes are taking the opportunity to develop 
their ICT capabilities during their lunchtime.
As you can see from the images they are using various programs including Reading eggs, 
pivot stick animation, Word...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Our library learning icentre lends itself to learning even at lunchtime!

Many students choose to come to the library
during their lunchtime.
They may choose from a wide range of activities
during their visit.
We have student helpers to assist our students and
keep our library organised. We really value their help.
See what these students were up to last
Wednesday lunchtime.