Thursday, 17 November 2016

Year 5 gather all their photos and memories for creating their collaborative book.

Year 5 students will work together to create an ebook using the app Book Creator.
They will use Microsoft Picture Manager to edit their photos.
Each student will cover one area of their excursion experience.
Students will also and an audio component so the book can be listened to.
Parents, family and friends will be able to read their book when it is finished.
The award winning Book Creator is the no 1 app for the iPad. 
Priced at $7.99 currently it is expensive but it is well worth the cost.
We plan to have this app on all of our iPads at school.

Stay tuned for the finished product.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wow, what a monster of a day!

2016 Book Fair and Book Character Parade

Wow, what a wonderful day! Yesterday was such a special day for everyone at Sandy Beach Public School as we celebrated our Book Fair and Book Character Parade.
Firstly, a big thank you goes to all the parents and caregivers who supported their children with making a monster for our competition, preparing costumes, attending the parade, supporting the sausage sizzle and shopping at the book fair.

  It was fantastic to see how many children entered the ‘Monster’ competition bringing along so many original and creative ideas. It was a very difficult decision to judge the winners as they all deserved to win. Congratulations to all children who entered, and to the winners of this competition.

Our book fair was very successful and we are sure your children will enjoy the purchases they made as they practice the most important skill of reading. 

Due to your support and the commission we received from Scholastic, SBPS can now add lots of new books to our collection. We sold $6047 worth of books earning us $2116 worth of books to choose from Scholastic. Thank you so much to our parent helpers at the book fair. Your efforts were much appreciated.

The book character parade was a huge success once again. There were some fantastic costumes representing many different book characters and Monsters. 

Congratulations to everyone for all your efforts, an outstanding job!

 Please visit the SBPS home page and SBPS Facebook page to see more fabulous photos.

Edwina Reynolds,
                                                      Teacher Librarian.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Kinder explore Messy Mia and the Ancient Tech!

This week in their technology lesson Kinders viewed the ebook "Messy Mia & the tale of ancient tech." via Airserve onto our interactive tv. How things have changed!

 Half of the class then had a turn on an iPad listening & interacting with the story at their own pace, followed by some mini games and the other half had a turn on our computers creating a robot.

Jada's robot

Friday, 27 November 2015

Year 5CM have fun with Glogster EDU and Cuteshot!

Year 5CM have been busy creating an online poster displaying their experience at Lake Ainsworth using Glogster EDU.
You can check them out:
They will be adding an audio element using audacity next week to finalise them.
My example

This week some of the students used our iPads to create a personal Christmas postcards using Cuteshot- an ios app that is free for the basics.
After downloading CuteShot you get 6 basic albums: Christmas, Fun, Valentine Day, Love, Birthday and Halloween with more than 60 free postcards.
They were able to choose one of the ten Christmas postcards to create their own one.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Help keep our kids safe on the roads and you could great prizes in our wheelathon!! WIN WIN!

Today we had a policeman come to our school and talk to our students in years 3 - 6 about bike safety,

  • stranger danger

  • and the dangers of drugs.

There are Bike Safety resources to share with your children and or class at
We want all of our kids to be safe on the road..

Watch the video above to see some year 5 students share what prizes you might win for participating in the wheelathon or the highest wheelathon sponsorship.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Are you looking for something worthwhile to do during your holidays?

Do your bit to provide rice to the hungry.

Free Rice - Practice math, geography, grammar, and vocabulary while fighting world hunger at the same time!
What is free rice all about?
Can I make a difference with such a small contribution?
Do the hungry really get rice from my online activities?
VIsit to find out.

Visit your local library either physically or virtually:

Borrow DVDs, books, magazines, music.....

and don't forget to visit Tumblebooks for a great selection of online books to read-for FREE! 
(thanks to Coffs City Library who pay for the subscription)
Try some of these suggestions:

v Play outdoor ball games like soccer, netball, handball, footy, basketball and volleyball.
v Make up a concert and perform it for the family.
v Attend free entertainment at your local Shopping Centres.  
v Visit the library.
v Download an ebook to read.
v Play hopscotch.
v Play the Wii
v Play computer games –including  free rice and help feed the hungry
v Watch a DVD. (borrow one for free from your library)
v Create a nature collage day – use leaves, tree bark, sand or soil to create a picture. The kids can collect all the bits and pieces in a bucket. Create an area outside for them to glue their nature collages together. 
v Play celebrity head.
v Write or make a book about your favourite person or animal..
v Retell your favourite  superhero story
v Visit a second hand shop like Vinnies and buy some dress-ups
v Attend  the free Kids Workshops at Bunnings and create something
v Build a tent out of old sheets
v Play with your lego
v Make movies/videos on the iPad or computer.
v Take photos and print them out.
v Take photos and create a photo collage.
v Visit a beach and collect shells
v Go skating (or scooting)
v Watch a great kids movie at the cinema
v Make road signs and traffic lights from cardboard boxesàPaint the boxes or cover in wrapping paperàCreate a cardboard box city.
v Play musical chairs.
v Be a weed detective- locate all the weeds in your garden and banish them
v Make your own musical instruments
v Try some Science experiments
v Read one of your library books
v Make home made pizzas.
v Blow bubbles.
v Colour in. (very trendy)
v Play board games.
v Make play dough.
v Create an interesting figure with your playdough
v Make wind chimes (from tin cans) or a fruit loop necklace.
v Visit your favourite park.
v Take a walk through Coffs Botanical Gardens
v Go ten pin bowling
v Read a book from Tumblebooks via CHCLibrary Homepage
v Learn a clapping game or two and practice until you are an expert.

Kids activities in Coffs Harbour

Coffs Coast Things to See and Do in Coffs

Friday, 14 August 2015

Software available for ALL NSWDEC students on their personal devices at no cost!

The New South Wales Department of Education & Communities has offered its students the ability to download some key software to support the NSW DEC BYOD policy. 
This software has been made available to all school students. 
This software includes Microsoft Office 2013 and  Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Parents will need to work with their students to download this software.
Students need to go through their Student portal.
All of our students (except kinders) can show you how to get to their portal
To get to their student portal at home it would help if they start with the Sandy Beach Public School Home Page. Students then go to the Our Learning Centres tab.

Students can then click on the student portal link and follow the instructions in the video.

Unfortunately Microsoft Office Picture Manager does not come with 2013 but you can access it by following the instructions at

How to Install and Get “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” Back in Office 2013?

How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2013

Teachers can purchase a Work At Home License  for this software from