Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tooth Tally Project

Our Year 1 classes have been participating in the Tooth Tally Project. The kids have been really enjoying the project.

Check the Tooth Tally Project website out. The wiki is private and as such only available to teachers and students.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Animation comes alive

Some classes have been exploring animation in the library.

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out Bubblicious.

Watch this entertaining example of animation at work:

Bubblicious from Rex The Dog on Vimeo.

Some students then demonstrated the Pivot animation program.
It is amazing what you can do!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Woolgoolga Fun Runs

Woolgoolga 28th Annual Forest Footrace
11.2 kms- Saturday 21 March, 4.00pm
Start and finish at corner of Pullen St and Pacific H'way

Woolgoolga 28th Annual Seaside Scamper
5km-Sunday 22 March, 8.00am
Start and finish at Beach reserve

Inaugural Beach Bash
2km-Sunday 22 March, 8.45 am
Start and finish at Beach reserve

13th Annual Tiny Tot Trot
1km-Sunday 22 March, 9.00am
Start and finish at Beach reserve

$6 per adult for Forest Footrace or Seaside Scamper or $10 for both
$3 for pensioners & students for Forest Footrace or Seaside Scamper
$2 for everyone entering the 2km Beach Bash
$1 for Tiny Tot Trot

Cheques payable to Woolgoolga Fun

Further enquiries -phone Steel Beveridge 02 6656 2735 (h) 02 6654 1500 (w)
or Jennie Williams 02 6654 0305

Harmony Day Friday 20 March

Parents and carers welcome to join us celebrate Harmony Day at SBPS
Friday 20 March 9:30 Assembly
Click on the link for further information

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fabulous Moonlight Mayhem Fete at Sandy

Moonlight Mayhem Fete
It wasn't just the weather that was fantastic!
So much to see, do, hear, taste and touch!!!
So many great bargains! Marvellous music!

Well done to all the Parents & Community,
staff members and students who worked
hard to make the fete such a success.
There were plenty of smiles on faces!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Parents-Partners in Learning

Parents-Partners in Learning is a new blog specially for SBPS parents.

Check it out and please let me know if you would like me to include certain content.

DK Eyewonder Books

A big thankyou to all the kind people
who sent in vouchers from the paper
for the Eyewonder books.
Also, a very big thankyou to Geoff, at the local Woolgoolga Newsagency, for his efforts in ensuring that we received a great selection of these engaging books.

The SBPS kids love them!!!

The class sets of Eyewonder books will be most valuable for classes when studying many of the related topics over the year, as well as individual kids borrowing them from the library.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Moonlight Mayhem Fete Friday 13th March 3pm->

Lots of great stalls and entertainment
will be set up ready for the
3pm start.

Chocolate Walk Show Bags Hair Colouring

Lucky Dips Cakes Biscuit Decorating

Plants Scratchies Dress-up Fun Photos

Lolly Smashing Disco Drums

Slippery Sixpence Golf Portraits

Lolly Jar Teacher Baby Photo Competition

Bidding auction Lion Club BBQ Spooky Search & Find

Cake Box Competition Books Trash and Treasure

Take Your Best Shot
"Yummy Tummy" food from the canteen

Teachers are collected donations to help support some stalls e.g., plants, colour, hair spray, books,trash and treasure, chocolates. Please send them in as soon as possible.

If you can offer some time to help out during the fete-from 1/2 hour can really make a difference please contact the P&C through Diana Della.

Musical entertainment will commence in the Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) from 4 pm Finish your week with some Jazz and Blues from 6-7pm.

So much to see and hear and do...
Don't miss it!!!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Visit the Year 4-5 Photo Stall at the Fete on Friday

Visit Us-
Year 4-5C Photo Stall
Bring your smile and

$1 for each photo.
Year 4-5C have been bringing in some great dress up gear for people to decorate themselves and their friends or family so they can have a "fun" photo.

Make sure you don't miss the photo opportunity....

The Rock and Water Program at SBPS

Mr. Rincheval (Principal) runs
the Rock And Water program
for our senior boys.

The Rock and Water Program aims to apply a physical/social approach to assist boys and girls in their development to adulthood by increasing their self-realisation, self-confidence, self-respect, boundary awareness, self-awareness and intuition.

1. Powerlessness. Rock and Water helps students identify and work towards achieving goals. It teaches the skills that enable students to control their reactions and lives and helps them to set and move towards realising their goals.

2. Meaninglessness. Rock and Water develops a sense of purpose and links the future with the present.

3. Normlessness. By bringing a balance to what is expected in school and society in general, Rock and Water helps provide a set of behaviour norms that the students can identify with.

4. Social estrangement. Rock and Water provides a safe environment for the students to work in. It develops opportunities for students to participate together and develop connections with others.


from Year 3 – 6 are
invited to participate
in this activity which
is held during class time
on Fridays.

A variety of instruments are available for hire including flute, saxophone, trumpet and clarinets. Cost of lessons will be approximately $15 per week and the instrument hire will be $40.

If your child is interested in participating please contact the office for further information.
Nicola Fraser, Tutor

Did you miss Woolgoolga Rugby League Registration?

Woolgoolga Rugby League Club Registration

Further information please contact Peter Holmes 6654 708

Peter Buller 66 49 1385 or Wendy Stewart 6656 0801.

Physical Culture Classes

Physical Culture Classes will resume at Sandy Beach Public School on Monday 16th (Pre-schoolers & 5/6’s, 7/8’s, 13/16’s and Ladies) Tuesday 17th February (9/10’s and 11/12’s).

Classes are held for girls & ladies from the age of 4 onwards.

Physical Culture is aimed to give participants greater flexibility, co-ordination, confidence, and can also help with concentration. It’s a fun healthy way to stay fit.
For further details please contact:
Gail Airlie on 6654 2362 (ah) or 6656 1777 (school hours).

Students enjoy buddy reading at SBPS

Students enjoy being read to and having a chance to read to their buddies.

Have you missed the netball registrations?

Woopi Netball is held at Woolgoolga Netball Courts each Saturday morning.

For further information please contact Sandra Thorpe 66 56 2474 or Karen Propser 66 56 2135

BEWARE: Fete on "Friday the 13th"- BE THERE

SBPS P&C are hosting a
Sandy Beach Public School
on Friday March 13.

It is always a hit with the kids so come along and join in the fun.

We will be having a Trash and Treasure Stall. If you have anything you would like to donate please bag it up and take to the Kindy wet area.

3S Fete Message
Please pot cuttings for Fete on Friday, 13th March and deliver them to 3S on the day. Thankyou, Mrs. Smith.

2MK Fete Message
Could parents of 2MK please donate Arrowroot biscuits, small lollies and icing sugar for decorating purposes.