Monday, 27 February 2012

Past websites of the week...Have fun!

Have fun!
Plenty of variety!
You can visit these past websites of the week any time through
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                                     (surrounded by stars in this picture)   

   COOKIE logo and a range of games available Logo Merry Christmas Maths Facts Fun

National Geographic KIDS

DARE to explore!!! 

icons of different countries in alohabetical order                                                                     Screenshot of home page                                                           
  Draw a Stickman FUN! FUN! FUN!                          


Comic Creator

All About Animals- Have fun exploring!!

All About Animalsfrom Northumberland Grid for Learning

All About Animals can be explored in three ways: using menus to search for information, using the index and using key words.

The database is available in two versions: with sound support on the menus and simple description pages or without sound.

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