Monday, 15 June 2009

The process of creating a winning Jurassic creature.

The making of Ankylosaurus

First, we made a frame from chicken wire.
We tied it together with wire and string.
The spikes are seed planter punnets tied on with string.
Next, we used newspaper and flour glue to paper mache the whole body.
Finally, we painted our Ankylosaurus, glued on the eyes and the felt tongue.

Finn and Jana Rothacker.

Please forgive the date on the computer-We can't help being ahead of our time!! If anyone knows how to remove the date off photos please contact me as I would really love to know.


Anonymous said...

Great site! I have enjoyed viewing your posts. You should be able to remove the date from your pictures by going through the camera's menu. It is one of the options. If you have trouble finding it, check the manual.

Audrey Nay said...

Thanks DBorck My main concern was removing the date after I had already copied it to my computer...ready to use on the blog
Cheers Audrey