Sunday, 28 June 2009

Jollybops are coming!!

Sandy Beach Public School will be hosting Jollybops on August 3rd.
"Our aim is to bring science alive for students through exciting, stimulating and interactive shows. "

Balloon Science- for K-2 (50 minutes)

Students will see many fantastic scientific demonstrations that seem like magic but really are science. These include exploding hydrogen balloons, spooky fog (dry ice) balloon helicopters that fly to the roof and back, liquids that mysteriously change colour(chemical reactions) students dance and jump to science songs and laugh at the jokes of Rusty the Robotic Clown and see juggling and unicycling, all in the one great show. Concepts covered include Hot and Cold, Forces, Energy, Introductions to Solids, Liquids and Gases and Scientific Terminology

What the? Science or Magic - for 3-6 (1 Hour)

In a humorous and most dynamic manner, students will watch a myriad of scientific demonstrations that will seem to them to be Magic but will indeed be science. The children will be introduced to a series of scientific concepts including properties of gases, force, air pressure, gravity and its relationship to properties of materials, temperature and energy. Rusty the Robot and the JollyWizard use juggling, magic, comic pantomime, unicycling to keep the kids in total awe, thinking, sitting and laughing on the edge of their seats.
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