Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Jurassic Park Bookfair

Thursday, May 28 from 8am-6pm in SBPS library.


Help us create our very own Jurassic Park in SBPS library.

To all our families artistic and creative opportunities await you!!

Make a creature from the Jurassic period and send it to school by next Thursday May 21st.

It can be an “air”, “land”, or “sea” creature.

It can be 2D or 3D.

It is not an assessment task so all the family can share their skills and talents.





Plenty of prizes for participants.

3 x $10 book fair vouchers

5 “pick a poster” prizes

These websites may be helpful:

Jurassic animal printouts:

Download a dinosaur:

Designer Dinosaurs - paper maché

3D papercraft kids series-Dinosaurs of the Jurassic

Dinosaur Papercraft -Jurassic 2

Dinosaur Papercraft -Jurassic 3

Dinosaur Papercraft- Jurrasic 4

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