Sunday, 17 May 2009

Jurassic Park Bookfair Competition

Library News

There's More!!! Another competition!!

Students will be bringing home car posters to help advertise the bookfair this week.

Year 6 students have worked on their designs. The winner is
After your child decorates the poster please help them to place it on your car so we can spot them. We will have spotters out looking for attractive posters and noting down your car's number plates. The winners will be announced in the newsletter the Tuesday before the bookfair.

4 prizes of $5 bookfair vouchers and
4 “pick a poster” prizes are on offer.

I hope your very own “air”, “land”, or “sea” 2D or 3D, Jurassic Park creature is almost ready!!!

To all our families this is NOT an assessment activity so please feel free to work with your children to create a great creature.

Please send the creature to school by next Thursday May 21st.

Plenty of prizes for participants.
3 x $10 book fair vouchers
5 “pick a poster” prizes

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