Friday, 6 March 2009

The Rock and Water Program at SBPS

Mr. Rincheval (Principal) runs
the Rock And Water program
for our senior boys.

The Rock and Water Program aims to apply a physical/social approach to assist boys and girls in their development to adulthood by increasing their self-realisation, self-confidence, self-respect, boundary awareness, self-awareness and intuition.

1. Powerlessness. Rock and Water helps students identify and work towards achieving goals. It teaches the skills that enable students to control their reactions and lives and helps them to set and move towards realising their goals.

2. Meaninglessness. Rock and Water develops a sense of purpose and links the future with the present.

3. Normlessness. By bringing a balance to what is expected in school and society in general, Rock and Water helps provide a set of behaviour norms that the students can identify with.

4. Social estrangement. Rock and Water provides a safe environment for the students to work in. It develops opportunities for students to participate together and develop connections with others.

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