Saturday, 7 March 2009

Moonlight Mayhem Fete Friday 13th March 3pm->

Lots of great stalls and entertainment
will be set up ready for the
3pm start.

Chocolate Walk Show Bags Hair Colouring

Lucky Dips Cakes Biscuit Decorating

Plants Scratchies Dress-up Fun Photos

Lolly Smashing Disco Drums

Slippery Sixpence Golf Portraits

Lolly Jar Teacher Baby Photo Competition

Bidding auction Lion Club BBQ Spooky Search & Find

Cake Box Competition Books Trash and Treasure

Take Your Best Shot
"Yummy Tummy" food from the canteen

Teachers are collected donations to help support some stalls e.g., plants, colour, hair spray, books,trash and treasure, chocolates. Please send them in as soon as possible.

If you can offer some time to help out during the fete-from 1/2 hour can really make a difference please contact the P&C through Diana Della.

Musical entertainment will commence in the Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) from 4 pm Finish your week with some Jazz and Blues from 6-7pm.

So much to see and hear and do...
Don't miss it!!!

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