Monday, 15 December 2008

Thanks to all library supporters

Sad to say:
“All borrowers- staff, students and parents –TIME’S UP!!”
All books need to be returned to the library for stocktake.
Outstanding books make it very difficult to conduct a thorough stocktake. Please help you children locate any SBPS books. It makes a huge difference to our education budget if we do not have to replace books that are misplaced.
Do not feel embarrassed if books have been at your place for a long time. We are still very happy to have our books back.

A big congratulations to all students in classes: 1J, 2H, 4M, 6LC.
They have NO OVERDUES! Well done!
Thanks parents/carers for your support throughout the year, especially to those who helped by assisting with library duties. Your help was most appreciated.

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