Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Free bus travel at risk!!

Dear All
The State Government has announced plans to charge families up to $180 for school student bus passes.
The previous free scheme will be replaced by annual co-payments of $90 for high school students and $45 for primary school students.
Please follow the link to the petition
Further information can be found in our submission:
Our comments following the recent announcement on Saturday can be found on
Please circulate this amongst your networks – lets get those voices heard
Take part in the petition and write / email / call your local member
Dianne Giblin
Federation of Parents and Citizens' Associations of New South Wales
E: president@pandc.org.au
Dear all
The Petition is at : www.pandc.org.au/PetitionEntry.aspx?PetitionID=1 You may have to cut and paste into your browser.
This is a fast moving issue.
You should also contact your local MP.
Find contact details at http://tinyurl.com/nswmps

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