Sunday, 29 April 2012

A little nostalgia...A few of our past Bookfairs.


Providing students with a bookfair at school is a great way to provide an authentic learning and shopping experience. I can discover what books are exciting for your children to read and the book character parade and bookfair provide a great way to highlight and celebrate the joy of reading for all of our community!

2009 Our last in the old library...

2010 "BE WELL READ" Bookfair in the Hall

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.
What character are you thinking about dressing up as this year?
It is NOT about spending lots money on fancy outfits.
We want you to be creative and to recycle, re-use.
It is dress-up NOT fancy dress!

2009 SBPS Jurassic Park Competition on PhotoPeach

The competition proved how clever many of our students are and provided many great presentations.

This year's competition will be announced very soon.

The RESULT was many more new books were provided for you all to enjoy!
Lots of lovely new books to read. on PhotoPeach

I wonder what we will add this year. 
It is up to you to suggest what you would like to be added to your library. 
Make sure you make plenty of recommendations. 
There will be a box for each stage to add their suggestions. 
I will read them ALL as this helps me to know what to select from our commission.
I will also draw 2 suggestions from each stage and the winners will win a $10 book voucher each to spend at the bookfair.

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