Saturday, 28 May 2011

Our P&C generously donated $500 for board games for classes this week.

What good timing!! BTN showed this program last week about board games:(You can access BTN archives and view past episodes.)
From all the kids and the staff at SBPS I wish to publicly say: Thank you to all the parents who helped to raise the money for the kids to have these games in their classrooms. 
As a parent you might be thinking: "Why play games at school? There is so much learning to do..." but as Kirsty says on the program: "Thinking before you take action is one of many skills these students have learnt. There's also problem solving, developing strategy, using your memory and being a good sport. And it's a good way to improve your social skills."

Have a chat with your kids: What board games would they like to have in their classroom? 
Please feel welcome to share them here on this blog. :)

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