Sunday, 27 February 2011

2011 Tooth Tally is up and counting...

Tooth Tally Project  The Tooth Tally Project gives teachers a way to integrate an important event in the life of a child - losing a tooth - with reading, maths, writing, social studies and technology.

 Using "lost tooth" data collected in the classroom, students will practice counting skills and collecting data. They will learn to make and interpret graphs, use descriptive text, develop mapping skills and collaborate internationally with their peers using the Internet.

It's a wonderful opportunity for children to realise that in spite of many differences children all around the world have many similarities, too.

Check out where all the kids and the classes participating are from on the world map

Our baby teeth came out on PhotoPeach:

Here is the 2011 Tooth Fairy's description:

The Tooth Fairy has long black hair that blows in the wind. She is smiling. She wears a long, pink dress with yellow stars on it and green slippers. She carries a black purse to keep the teeth in. She has two wings that look like butterfly wings. They are yellow, pink and green. Her wand has a green handle and a star at the end. It sparkles to help her see in the dark.

I will share our kids drawings in the next post.

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