Sunday, 12 September 2010

September Springtime Search and Seek.........

 We know that some books have a habit of playing hide and seek...... 
Often they hide so well no-one finds them for ages.
We have had as many as 21, 32, and 36 books sent back to us as a package, when students have finished primary school and parents have a really big clean up.
We are always delighted to see our books return back to our library-which belongs to all of our students!!!
As we will soon have a lovely new set up at S.B.P.S. with our new 21C library and three new 21C classrooms S.B.P.S. staff and students would love to ensure that all our resources are available and ready for action!!
Please have a really good detectives for an hour or so in all the likely and unlikely hiding holes. Don't forget the car and the bottom of the lego box. You would be surprised where we have heard that books have found to hide in the past!!

               Please make
by returning all books with a SBPS barcode on them!

Click here if you like to create your own old WANTED poster?

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