Friday, 21 May 2010

Our hall is ready- Very REDdy!! BE WELL READ Bookfair begins.

Many thanks to the parents, teachers and students that helped to make the hall look like a very special place to visit.

All of the students will get the opportunity to browse the books before Thursday and make decisions about any they might like to purchase. We also encourage all students from Kinders to Year 6 to make recommendations about the books they would like to have included in their school library collection. It is really important that we include the books in the library that are interesting to our students. Our annual bookfair provides this opportunity.

It was great to hear one students asking for a particular books for his Grandma because it was her birthday soon. I am sure that she would appreciate his thoughtfulness and enjoy a book for her present.

We are allowed 35% of our sales back in commission which allows us to select many, and often most of the books the students recommend. We look forward to your company on Thursday 27 May- Public Education Day.

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