Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Congratulations to all the Aussie students who participated. Australian students scored very well!!

World Maths Day is all over!

Congratulations on a new World Record!
1,133,246 students and 56,082 schools from 235 countries have united to set a new world record by correctly answering 479,732,613 questions.
The validation process for the winners in each category, and the leading countries – results are posted @ http://www.worldmathsday.com/2010/Default.aspx

2011 will be even bigger with World Maths Day becoming part of the
The World Education Games.

Everyone is invited to unite the world in learning!

Result summary:

Ages 5-8 section:
An Australian student in the top 10- Aiden who played 500 games with a score of 28114

Ages 9-13 section:
Australian students were in the top 3 places. Cool calculating!
Kaya G from Southport School Australia, who played 500 games and came 1st!! with 43007 points

Caleb L from The Australian International School United Arab Emirates played 500 games and came 2nd  with 35235 points
Brody H Team Australia played 500 games and came 3rd with 32507 points

Ages 14-18 section:
 Australian students were in the top 2 places. Fantastic!

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