Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Return to School + Snack Shack News

2010 – Thursday 28th January – students Years 1 – 6 return to classes.

Tuesday 2nd FebruaryKindergarten students commence.

 Snack Shack

Next year the canteen will be open five days a week from week 2.

However, it will not be open during the first two daysThursday 28th and Friday 29th January, 2010.

Bring your own lunch for Thursday and Friday of the first week.

Kathy Pfitzner – Organiser


Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey, how are you? I thought the kids went back on the Thursday, Zoe's trying to tell me they go back on the Wednesday. Anyway, was glad to find you had the info (but Zoe's just pointed out you've got the dates wrong!!)
Hope to see you at school this year.
Tracey Schmidt

Audrey Nay said...

Thank you to Zoe for pointing out the incorrect date. I have changed it now so as not to cause confusion. Cheers

Audrey Nay said...

Oops! I forgot to answer your question. I am feeling much better and look forward to catching up with everyone when school returns. Not long now!!!