Monday, 9 November 2009

Come and join SBPS P&C

The next P&C meeting (the A.G.M.) is on 

Monday 23rd November 

at 7pm in the Staffroom. 

Immediately following the A.G.M. (around 7.30pm), there will be an Ordinary Meeting.

At this meeting will be discussion around significant changes to the operation 
of the P&C run school canteen. 

Come along!!                               Join in!!                    

Be informed!!                               Have your say!!


Tracey Schmidt said...

Finally got my act together and found your blog Audrey, and now it's bookmarked so I can keep up to date with all the happenings at school. Already it's helped me with the time of the P & C meeting tonight, and the break up dates for the end of the year. (And return dates for next year!) For someone like me who finds it easier to look up stuff on the internet than find the last newsletter it's fantastic. Good on you - and sorry I didn't catch onto it sooner.

Audrey Nay said...

Great news Tracey. I hope that the blog will prove useful to SBPS community over time. :-)